exhibit: embroidered botanical illustrations

  birch botanical embroidery

I began these three embroidered botanical illustrations in the spring by gathering dye materials from birch, apple, and black cherry trees. I dyed and tested modifiers on a lot of tiny hanks of silk, cotton, mohair, merino, and linen thread. You see, each embroidery is a guide to the dyes produced by that tree's leaves and bark, illustrating what to expect in the dye pot on each fiber. A key to the fibers and modifiers is hidden behind the frame, so the lightfastness of each color can be gauged over time.

These are also a record of my summer: foraging, dyeing, sewing, and getting to know these trees.

cherry botanical embroidery

birch embroidery detail

cherry dye key

This work will be on display at CBA through December 13. Email me if you'd like to own one.



ivy dyed threads A new and lengthy project has begun, and one which I am very much enjoying. It involves foraging and dyeing...and the rest is a surprise! But I will shares these thread samples, dyed with ivy leaves on the left and ivy berries on the right. I have learned quite a lot about natural dyeing during my time working on Sewing Seeds at the Textile Arts Center, and I'll be spending the summer putting that to good use.

case binding

rounded spine binding

I have been busy at work on this undertaking, learning to bind books with rounded spines. Intimidating at first, but such fun! My thanks to North Bennet Street School, the fairytale workshop where fine craftsmanship it taught.

hand stitched headbands

This lot are bound in hand dyed, homemade linen book cloth with embroidered french knots. The striped headbands are hand stitched, which may be time consuming, but is exceedingly gratifying. These 5x7" pocket sketchbooks feel just right in the hand.

rounded spine cloth case binding