spring workshops

The long list of spring workshops is now posted and open for registration! In addition, the Sewing Seeds program at TAC is now accepting applications to its summer residency. The residency is a fantastic 6-week opportunity to access local natural dyes, use the studio, and engage the community by creating site-specific work in the natural dye garden in Bushwick. What could be better?

image courtesy of Sewing Seeds

workshop: book arts 101

I am very excited to announce the upcoming workshop Book Arts 101 at the Textile Arts Center. This is a class for anybody who loves textiles and wants to explore book arts, or book artists who want to expand their repertoire of fiber skills. We will be binding basic non-adhesive structures, but delving into big ideas over the course of 4 Sunday classes. As if the promise of awesome handouts and a slideshow are not tempting enough, students have access to open studio hours at TAC during all 4 weeks of class. Sign up here!

Book Arts 101

Textile Arts Center, 505 Carroll Street, Brooklyn

Sundays 11:00-2:00, January 12 - February 2

Explore the basics in this course that looks at bookbinding as a fluid and expressive art form - and one that dovetails with fiber arts!

Students will learn the fundamental vocabulary and tools of bookbinding as we create 5 non-adhesive books. By viewing the book as an interaction rather than an object, and paper as a fiber rather than a surface, students will be able to connect textile and book arts. Each book model will explore the opportunities for this connection through techniques including embroidery, needle weaving, natural dyeing, and resist techniques.