the light album

While designing the artist book Botanica, I had a devil of a time settling on an album structure to house my collection of eco prints. Albums should ultimately be practical books, protecting their contents and sturdily withstanding frequent use - but often I find them a nuisance to construct and problematic over time. I was eventually led to the Light Album developed by Richard W. Horton, and used several elements of the structure in Botanica. The light album is not a particularly conventional structure, but it avoids so many problems common to albums. I recommend Horton's article and instructions from a 1984 Book and Paper Group Annual, available online here.

illustration: "The Light Album." Richard W. Horton. The Book and Paper Group Annual. Volume Three (1984)

I did not house the mounted prints in the wraparound and slipcase used by Mr. Horton, but appropriated a flat back binding, which perhaps I'll tell you about another time.