a number of things

wildflowers I'm working on a new line of books, to be available at summer's end! Albums and journals, in colors changing with the seasons, and a new online storefront for you to shop in. Below are some of the fall colors, derived from indigo and responsibly foraged oak, apple, and cherry barks.

autumn colors

For the moment,  a few of the new journals in sprightly summer colors are available at the new Textile Arts Center shop! They've got wonderful goods designed and produced at TAC, DIY kits and supplies, as well as the work of local designers available both online and at the W 8th Street studio. I had the chance to catch up with the TAC Sewing Seeds crew at their garden party a couple weeks ago, and it was great fun! The natural dye garden I helped to plan with them is coming along splendidly, and giving me hopes of putting in my own indigo patch next year...

Each part the these new journals- the pages, linen cover, thread, and headbands- are dyed in the same bath.  They are made from whole sheets with no paper waste, and I use collected rainwater as often as possible in the dye process. The pages have rustic hand-cut edges, and the endsheets show the natural patterns which develop as the paper sits out is the weather in the dye bath.

naturally dyed journals

cherry bark dyed journal

And most importantly,  I am continuing work on my CBA residency projects, which will be up in the gallery come October. A little hint below -

botanical embroidery