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April 10, 2014

even more marbling

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marbling vat
marbling vat

Yes, bad form to have so much pigment falling. But it is pretty anyway.


marbled paper assortment

March 24, 2014


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suminagashi samples

I spent an afternoon playing around with papers, inks, and best of all experimental additives for my upcoming suminagashi workshop at TAC. So much fun, and very relaxing, to watch the patterns build and gradually transform. Then to pull a monoprint of a split second in time, the forces and chemical reactions frozen in amazing, intricate, and surprising patterns.

suminagashi samples


Morning Series: Suminagashi

TAC Manhattan Studio

26 West 8th Street

Monday April 7 & Wednesday April 9


March 17, 2014

new studio, new books

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I’ve moved into my own studio. IT’S AMAZING. Sorry I don’t have any photos of the actual space to share – not until it’s all arranged and settled into and I’ve finished sewing the awesome curtains – But I can share the results of my redoubled labor. I am so productive! Marbling papers, and using some to bind matching guest book & photo album sets.

studio 2

studio 5

studio 4

marbled guest book & album set

marbled guest book & album set

February 18, 2014


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marbled silk ribbon

A shiny new updated wholesale list is now available by request, including books, marbled ribbon, and scarves. It is designed purposefully with a low minimum order, so don’t be shy, drop me a line!

(Incidentally, isn’t the new marbled ribbon delightful? Coming to the shop soon…)

February 17, 2014

new scarves

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A few favorites from my latest batch of marbled scarves, now in the shop -

marbled scarf 28

marbled scarf 18

marbled scarf 19

February 1, 2014

the making of: marbled napkins

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marbling session 0114.13 copy

Here’s how it all went down: the marbling process for a couple hundred linen napkins.¬† Now available at Terrain!

fabric marbling

fabric marbling

fabric marbling

fabric marbling

fabric marbling

January 31, 2014

marbled linen napkins for terrain

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These limited edition marbled linen napkins I created for Terrain are now available online and in stores!

terrain linen napkins by natalie stopka

image by Terrain


January 27, 2014

sashiko patterns

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I’ve drawn up some sashiko embroidery patterns for the workshop I recently taught, and thought I’d make a few available for download here.

sashiko patterns

Download PDFs:

sashiko pattern 1 (seven treasures)

sashiko pattern 2 (horned tortoise shell)

sashiko pattern 3 (hemp leaves)

sashiko pattern 4 (ocean wave)

These patterns are based on the traditional Japanese designs of tessellating geometric forms. Each measures 8×8″ and can be printed directly onto tear-away stabilizer for embroidering over. This is the perfect size for a little zokin (dust rag), or the pattern can be tiled for a larger piece. I have demonstrated the stitch length and alignment with the dashed lines in portions of each pattern, and once you’ve gotten the hang of it you can carry on with the correct spacing. The only trick is to keep your stitches even in each line segment, and the intersections clean. These are just a few of the very many beautiful historical sashiko patterns, each with its own story and significance. Enjoy!

January 3, 2014

new year

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new years hike

Happy New Year! Hoping everyone enjoyed lovely holidays. We had a fantastic snowy hike on the ridge, and I may have finally recovered from holiday burnout. New projects are underway, and upcoming workshops can now be found right here, in the upper left!

November 14, 2013

workshop: book arts 101

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I am very excited to announce the upcoming workshop Book Arts 101 at the Textile Arts Center. This is a class for anybody who loves textiles and wants to explore book arts, or book artists who want to expand their repertoire of fiber skills. We will be binding basic non-adhesive structures, but delving into big ideas over the course of 4 Sunday classes. As if the promise of awesome handouts and a slideshow are not tempting enough, students have access to open studio hours at TAC during all 4 weeks of class. Sign up here!

Book Arts 101

Textile Arts Center, 505 Carroll Street, Brooklyn

Sundays 11:00-2:00, January 12 – February 2

Explore the basics in this course that looks at bookbinding as a fluid and expressive art form – and one that dovetails with fiber arts!

Students will learn the fundamental vocabulary and tools of bookbinding as we create 5 non-adhesive books. By viewing the book as an interaction rather than an object, and paper as a fiber rather than a surface, students will be able to connect textile and book arts. Each book model will explore the opportunities for this connection through techniques including embroidery, needle weaving, natural dyeing, and resist techniques.

book arts 101

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